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12072 Ei van styropor met Vivi Gade stof

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Denneappel van stof

Een ei van styropor bedekt met Vivi Gade stof. De inkepingen zijn gemaakt met een snijmes en de stukken stof worden in de uitsnedes geduwd.


Measure the largest circumference point around the egg and divide into eight areas.


Draw from the top to the bottom through the eight points. Use the tape measure as a ruler.


Draw an arc at the top in each of the eight divided areas. Shift the next row. Draw the arcs of the 3rd row inside the division and change the pattern like this.


Cut into all the drawn arcs with an art knife by pushing it into the polystyrene.


Cut small pieces of fabric to match the areas on the polystyrene egg. Push the fabric into the grooves with a nail file.


Cut off excess fabric as close as possible.


Push the rest of the fabric into the groove so it is not visible.


Paint wooden beads with red and off white Plus Color.


Glue a bead and a piece of cord onto the bottom of the egg and attach two beads with a double piece of cord to form a loop onto the top of the egg and glue it in place.

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