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12069 Paper tassen met motief

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Gedecoreerde papieren tassen

Papieren tassen gedecoreerd met design papier van de Oslo serie, afdruk van een sjabloon en uitgestanste vlinders.


Stencils on a paper bag: place the stencil on top of the bag and use a foam stencil brush to push the colour through.


Paint the butterflies in green and yellow colours, mixed with a small amount of white – diluted with water.


Draw a design with a black marker pen.


Glue the butterflies together in pairs around a piece of string.


Tie around the handle of the bag.


Vivi Gade Design Paper on Bags.

Cut out the designs from the Design Paper and glue them onto the bag. You may outline the designs with a black marker pen.

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