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12056 Rustiek papier-mâché

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Decoreer met rustieke materialen

Decoreer met een paar simpele materialen zoals ribbelkarton, hout fineer, kurk en leerkoord – en maak de mooiste rustieke decoratieve items.


Cut a long piece of corrugated board the same width as the edge of the box lid.


Glue the corrugated board onto the edge of the box lid with a glue gun.


Cut a circle from a double-sided adhesive sheet (approx. 10cm).


Make a spiral circle with the leather cord on the double-sided adhesive sheet.


Cut a piece of leather cord measuring 40cm and fold it twice.


Then tie a knot in one end and thread on the wood bead.


Make a hole in the middle of the leather spiral. Pull the folded leather cord through the spiral and the double-sided adhesive sheet.


Make a hole in the middle of the lid with an eyelet setter.


Then remove the protective layer of the double-sided adhesive sheet and pull the leather cord through the hole in the box lid.


Finally thread a bead onto the leather cord and glue it onto the inside of the box.

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