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12050 Ketting met verwisselbare kralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Sieraden ketting met Glas link kralen

Magnetische sluitingen zijn op de sieradenketting gelijmd. Glas link kralen zijn geregen op dik leerkoord en bevestigd met een magnetische sluiting. Deze kunnen vervangen worden door andere kleuren.


Open the articulated chain with a darning needle. Choose your desired length and remove the rest.


Squeeze some glue into the end cap (6mm magnetic clasp). Glue the chain into the end cap. Push the small hooks at the other side down prior to gluing.


Glue a piece of thick leather cord into an end cap (5mm magnetic clasp).


Fill it up with beads and rings.


Finish by gluing on a magnetic clasp at the other end.


The chain and the glass bead section is connected by the magnetic clasps. Make other bead sections in different colours and change them according to your wardrobe.

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