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12049 Ketting van ketting

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Geweldige ketting van metaal

Maak de ringen van de ketting door de sieraden ketting te openen en in verschillende lengtes weer aan elkaar te zetten. De modieuze plastic ringen worden op de ketting geregen voordat de sieraden ketting weer gesloten wordt. Bevestig de hangers met ovale ringen.


Open the articulated metal jewellery chain with a darning needle by opening one joint at a time.


Choose your desired length and remove the rest.


When assembling the chain rings make sure to insert the small hooks of the chain into the holes on the first row.


Press in the hooks with two fingers whilst rolling the chain. Press the joint until it is completely invisible using flat nose pliers.


Thread fashionable plastic rings with embossed designs on before gathering the chain ring.


Attach a big flower pendant onto a chain ring before assembling the chain ring with other chain rings.


Attach a pendant with an oval jump ring.


Attach the closed rings before closing the chain ring. Attach pendants with oval jump rings.


Make the “tassel” from long pieces of chain and a closed chain ring which is then glued in place.

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