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12044 Engel van Vivi Gade stof

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

De engel Vivi

Een schitterende engel gemaakt op een nog slechts in elkaar te zetten pop, gekleed in een jurk en schort gemaakt van Vivi Gade stof.

Gedecoreerd met kant, een kerstster en rocailles.


Cut out the patterns leaving a 7mm seam and turn over: 2 x sleeves and 2 x wings. For the apron cut a piece of fabric measuring 8 x 14cm.


Sew the dress together at the shoulders. Sew on the sleeves as shown.


Turn and sew the edge at the sleeves. Sew the sleeves and the sides at the same time. Turn up the edge of the dress.


Place the wings right side against right side. Sew together leaving a hole for turning inside out.


Turn all four sides of the apron and sew. Gather at the top. Make a halter neck. Glue or sew on the lace and the halter neck.


Paint the hands, neck and legs with Plus Color skin colour. Paint the shoes and the star with Plus Color gold.


Make bloomers from a piece of fabric and a glued on lace. Glue the legs into a pre-drilled hole in the body.


Glue the arms onto the body. Pull on the dress. Reinforce the head and the neck with a small stick prior to gluing on.


Glue lace onto the sleeves. Put on the apron. Glue on the hair.


Thread beads onto a piece of string to make a halo. Glue on the halo, star and wings. Use a piece of gold thread for hanging.

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