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12038 Lava kralen op een leerkoord

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Lava kralen geregen op een leerkoord met knopen ertussen. Aan de bovenkant gesloten met een schuifknoop.


Cut a piece of 2mm leather cord measuring 3.80cm. After 20cm tie the first knot and thread on a bead. Then tie another knot.


You may thread on a large round bead below in the middle. Finish the first round.


Don’t thread on any beads at the top of the cord. Continue making two rounds at a time as shown.


Gather the cord at the top and tie a long adjustable knot like this: after making a loop, wind the end of the cord around approx. six or seven times.


Pull the end through all the twists and through the loop and pull tight.


Tie knots at the ends and trim.

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