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12020 Geur harten

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Gedecoreerde harten van papier-mâché

Deze schattige kabouterkinderen met papier-mâché harten als lijf zijn gedecoreerd met geurige kerst thee geplakt op de bovenkant. Poster Hobby Marker stiften zijn gebruikt voor het aanbrengen van kleuren en lijnen.

A scent of Christmas will come from these heart Pixies which can be sprinkled with a Christmas tea mix or anything else which smells of Christmas; (an amusing detail appreciated by the children). Poster Hobby Marker pens are chosen for colouring these pixies. They are incredibly easy to make at any Christmas event. Enjoy.


Insert an approx. 20cm piece of floral wire through the heart’s loop for hanging.


Apply A-color Allround medium glue lacquer to the papier-mâché heart and sprinkle over scented tea. Let it dry.


Draw a face on the wooden bead and colour in the cone with Poster Hobby Marker pens.


Insert the doubled over piece of floral wire through the wooden bead and attach some natural flax twine between the two wires for hair.


Finish with a loop for hanging. You may make the loop using a pen as shown in the photo.

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