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12010 Beeld met gipsgaas

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

Geinspireerd door Picasso

We hebben interessante beelden gemaakt door een geraamte gemaakt van zwart bonsai draad met gipsgaas te bedekken. Verf met A-Color acrylverf in neon kleuren en gebruik Poster Hobby Markers voor de details.

The wooden icon plates are used as stands. They are painted with black Plus Color and a hole has been drilled into it for inserting the bonsai wire. This project is suitable for school Art lessons but making the small figures can also be a fun activity for preschool children. We have been inspired by Picasso … what will inspire you?


Form a shape from bonsai wire. Make it U-shaped with loops at the end as feet. Cover with gauze bandage and let it dry.


A sculpture on a stand: Drill holes in a wooden icon plate.


Form a bonsai wire skeleton and push the ends into the predrilled holes of the wooden stand. Dip the gauze bandage in water and cover the skeleton with the gauze bandage. Smooth the surface with your fingers. Let it dry.


Paint it with A-Color acrylic neon paint, let it dry and draw details with a Poster Hobby Marker Pen.

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