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1197 Silk scarf with a curly effect

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Wash the silk scarf and flush it.


Spread the moist scarf out in a tray with plastic.


Drip silk colour across the scarf using a pipette.


Dab with your fingers so the colour is mixed and divided over the entire scarf.


Let the scarf dry.


Put water in a pot and put a metal strainer over. Put the scarf into the strainer. Remenber, do not let the water touch the scarf. Keep a lid on and fixate the scarf for 5-10 minutes.


Flush out the excess colour.


Put the scarf over a piece of lining. The lining needs to be a little bit bigger than the scarf.


Pull the wool out into small wisps.


Put it on tpo of the scarf in a thin layer. If you want the scarf to be thicker, put an extra layer across the first one.


Moist the wool with soapy water.


Felt lightly with your hands. Make sure that all the wool are moist.


Roll the scarf into the lining. Make sure there is lining around all of the wool, as it will otherwise felt together.


When the entire scarf has been rolled into the lining, put a rubber band around the ends including 2-3 places on the roll.


Put the roll in the tumble drier at good heat along with a towel. Let it work approx 10 minutes. Roll out the scarf and check if the wool has stuck to the silk. Moist the wool and roll the scarf togehter with the lining once again, though from the other end. Put the roll back into the tumble drier, repeat until the wool is firmly stuck. Finally the scarf can be felted in the tumble drier without the lining. Check often that the scarf don’t delt together. Flush out the soap.

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