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11929 Uitgestanste kegels

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin


Uitgestanste kegels bekleed met Vivi Gade Design papier (London serie). Gedecoreerd met zelfklevend kant van papier en geruit lint.


Cut out the paper using the punched-out cone as a template. You may paint a part of the cone.


Glue on the paper in your desired pattern. Use special double-sided adhesive tape.


Assemble the cone in the side with special double-sided adhesive tape. Attach the self-adhesive paper lace over the joints.


Finally attach a bow and a bead to the tip of the cone using a glue gun.


Paint or decorate the handle with a piece of paper lace. Attach with special double-sided adhesive tape.

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