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11896 Ster gemaakt van Vivi Gade Design papier – London serie

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin

3D Ster

De ster is geknipt uit Vivi Gade Design papier. Het is gelijmd op uitgestanste sterren en in het midden aan elkaar genaaid. Gedecoreerd met prisma kralen en papiergaren.


Place three stars on top of each other so they fit exactly.  Glue paper onto the top and bottom star on the side which is facing towards the star in the middle.


Glue the two stars onto the back of your chosen paper.


Cut out the star.


Score along the middle with a bone folder making a fold.


Put the three stars together and sew them together on the sewing machine slowly with large stitches.


Thread the paper yarn through the prism bead, through the hole at the top of the star and back through the bead.

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