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11894 Kerstkaarten met bomen

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Gevulde kerstbomen op kaarten

Prachtige kaarten in pastelkleuren met kleine kerstbomen gevuld met polyester vulsel en genaaid op de naaimachine.


For a card measuring 12.5 x 12.5cm, cut a piece of white card measuring 11 x 11cm and a piece of patterned card measuring 10 x 10cm.


Attach the card pieces onto the card with glue or with special double-sided adhesive tape.


Draw the Christmas tree using the template and cut four in total.


Sew along the edge of the Christmas tree using a sewing machine. Sew the two sides. Leave the third side open for putting the stuffing inside the tree. Then sew the third side.


Cut four “trunks” measuring 1 x 6cm.


Attach all the parts onto the card; one trunk with glue or special double-sided adhesive tape, the other with 3D foam pads. Also attach one of the Christmas trees with 3D foam pads to give a special effect to the card.

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