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11864 Kerstballen van papier-mâché

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Kerstbal voor de kerstboom

Een kerstbal van papier-mâché geverfd met Plus Color en decoupage lijmlak glitter. Gedecoreerd met kalkoenveren en kralen gelijmd met een lijmpistool.


Paint the ornament with Plus Color in different colours and let it dry well.


Make a line in the indentations and dots at the bottom with a 3D glitter liner.


Mix a small amount of 3D glitter liner with decoupage glitter lacquer and paint every other area with this silver mixture.


Put a bead onto a head pin and insert this, as well as some turkey feathers, into a plastic bead cone making a small “tassel”. Glue in place with a glue gun.


Attach the “tassel” to the bottom of the ornament using a glue gun.


Put some beads onto the string for hanging and finish by decorating the ornament with dots made with a Paper Pen.

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