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11844 Decoupage kabouters

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin

Plastic kabouters met decoupage

Kant-en-klare plastic kabouters gedecoreerd met Vivi Gade tissuepapier en mini pom-poms.


Tear the tissue paper into small pieces and glue onto the plastic pixie using A-color Allround medium glue lacquer. Let it dry.


Draw the hat using the template and cut out from Vivi Gade design paper. The template fits both the small and the big plastic pixie. Just fold the hat a bit further over the sides to fit the small pixie. Assemble the hat using special double-sided adhesive tape.


Glue on pom-poms for the beard. Glue the soft pipe cleaner around the edge of the hat before attaching it to the pixie with a glue gun.

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