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11842 Feestelijke Cup Cakes

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Cup Cakes in frisse kleuren

Papier-mâché cup cakes geverfd met Plus Color acrylverf en gedecoreerd met glitter, lint en pom-poms.


Paint the cup cake with Plus Color in your desired colour.
Let it dry before proceeding with the next step.


Apply acrylic lacquer with a brush before sprinkling glitter on.


Cut approx. 3cm pieces of ribbon.


Glue the pieces of ribbon onto the side of the cup cake using a glue gun or special double-sided adhesive tape.


Trim the ends of the ribbon so they are shorter than the cake.


Cut a piece of gold ribbon measuring approx. 20cm and glue it around the cake.
Finally glue on pom-poms or beads.
TIP: You may dab spots on top of the glitter with white Plus Color.

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