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Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Paper Decorations

Here eight square pieces of paper are folded and assembled to make lovely decorations. The paper as well as the ribbon is from the Vivi Gade Design Stockholm series.

Follow the folding instructions below. Use a bone folder to make sharp folds. Using the Vivi Gade Design paper, the decoration acquires a lovely firmness but it may be a little difficult to fold for the beginner. If so you may wish to use our origami paper which is a little thinner and therefore easier to work with.


Cut eight pieces of paper measuring 8x8cm.


Fold in half.


Unfold and fold each side towards the fold in the middle.


Fold in half and turn the fold down towards yourself.


Fold in half.


Unfold and fold both corners down towards the bottom fold.


Fold in half and press thoroughly using a bone folder. Fold the remaining seven pieces of paper in the same way.


Assemble the decoration by inserting the tips as shown in the photo.


The decoration achieves its proper shape by pushing the sides towards the middle.


Decorate with a ribbon for hanging and a bow. You may attach small rhinestones.

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