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Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Coole kerstgezelligheid in de huiskamer

Een ijsbeer met uitgestanste sneeuwvlokken van goud metallic karton met parelmoer kralen van plastic geregen op natuurlijk koord.


Draw the template twice onto the paper. The second must be drawn as a mirror image of the first, so the right side of the paper is facing outward on both sides when glued together.


Cut them out.


Punch out two snow flakes in both sizes from gold metallic card.


Cut a piece of natural twine to your desired length. Remember to include the loop at the top. Tie a knot in one end and pull on beads (you may use a beading needle).


Attach one polar bear onto double-sided adhesive foil and cut out.


Pull off the foil from the other side and attach the twine with beads in the middle of the bear. Attach the other mirror imaged polar bear on top.


Use the same procedure with the snow flakes but use Glue Dots for the assembly.

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