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11775 Lange ketting met Japanse dames

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Ketting met Japanse dame als hanger

Rocailles geregen op sieradendraad. De hangers zijn gemaakt met motief kralen op een nietstift. De tassel is gemaakt van polyester koord.

You can make several variations of pendants that you can click on and off using a lobster claw clasp.


Thread rocaille beads onto a beading wire. You may use a bead caddy spinner where you thread a needle onto the thread. Easy and quick.


When the wire is full, close with crimp beads as shown. Pull and squeeze the crimp beads flat.


Make a tassel by twisting polyester cord around two or three fingers.


Gather the polyester cords at the top with a large round jump ring.


Twist a new piece of polyester cord around the bundle and fasten.


Open the round jump ring slightly again and fit an eye pin. Attach a bead to the eye pin.


Twist to make a loop in the loop of lobster claw clasp. Close completely.


Now you can clip the pendant on and off so that you can change and make other variations.

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