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11753 De kabouter doet de was

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin


Knip de miniatuurkleding uit vilt m.b.v. het sjabloon. Naai met de hand aan elkaar. Decoreer met knopen en een stuk op de broek.


Cut the clothes from felt using the template. Remember two mittens and two socks must be cut as mirror images. Fold the felt in two. Place the jacket at the doubled over fold before cutting.


Sew the parts together with small external back stitches. Cut up the jacket at the front.


Cut narrow strips for braces. Buttons and a patch are sewn or glued onto the trousers and the jacket. Glue a pom-pom onto the hat. Attach the clothes onto a string using mini pegs.


Dismantle the frame and paint it with Plus Color Craft Paint. Paint the backing plate and the inner frame with off white Plus Color and the outside frame with antique red Plus Color.


Cover the inner frame with felt. Attach the felt with double-sided adhesive tape.


Assemble the frame and hang the clothes on pegs before attaching the backing plate.

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