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11712 Zwarte of zilveren kerstdecoraties

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Hangende kerstdecoraties van papier-mâché

Geverfd met Plus Color, gecrackled met Crackle Lacquer en gedecoreerd met zilver glitter en zilver art en craft folie bevestigd met een lijmpen.


Bauble 1:
Prime with black Plus Color.


Apply a generous layer of Crackle Lacquer with a brush. It will crackle after a couple of hours.


Bauble 2:
Paint with silver Plus Color and sprinkle glitter in the wet paint.


Bauble 3:

Paint with black and silver Plus Color and draw with a glue pen.


Sprinkle glitter in the wet paint.


Bauble 4:
Paint with black Plus Color and draw a pattern with a glue pen.


When the glue is ready, press the art and craft foil on top. Rub well with a finger.


Pull off the foil.


Make a hole at the bottom with an awl and glue on a ball head pin. Attach beads onto the ball head pin and twist to form a loop. Attach the pendant onto the bauble.


Gather the ends of the ribbon to form a point and glue in place. Glue into the top hole of the bauble.

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