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11696 Vivi Gade meisjes

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Alle Vivis op een rij

Prachtig hangende meisjes van Vivi Gade Design papier met armen en benen gemaakt van papiergaren.


Cut a dress and a hat from each of the paper designs using the templates. Turn the paper so the dress and the hat are different.


Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the dress and the hat and assemble.


Cut the paper yarn to the desired length for arms and legs. Remember they must be long enough to tie a knot at the ends.


Paint the wood buttons (five for each girl).


Pull a bead onto each leg and arm and tie a knot.


Pull the legs through the dress. Lay the arms at the side of the dress. Feed the yarn for the legs up through the dress. Cut a small hole at the top of the dress for the yarn’s exit.


Glue the ends of the arms and legs into the head.


Cut a piece of cotton yarn for hanging. Pull the yarn down through the hat and glue both ends into the head, forming a loop.


Put the last bead on top of the hat by pulling the yarn end through the bead.

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