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11690 Vivi Gade papieren vlechtstroken

Geschreven: 22 februari 2017 door admin

Een gevlochten kaarsenring

Vivi Gade Bremen papieren vlechtstroken zijn gewoven tot een kaarsenring en om een waxinelichthouder gemaakt.

Use the same weaving technique used for bags.


Cut pieces Weaving Paper Strips into 12.5cm length.


Fold lengthwise in the middle and then fold each end towards the middle. Each strip has a side with 4 layers of paper and a side with 8 layers of paper.


Insert two folded paper strips into each others ends from the side with 4 layers of paper.


Make sure that both woven ends are the ones with 4 layers of paper when weaving.


Continue weaving with the remaining strips.


To make a ring, connect the the ends of the woven strip.


Put two rings on top of each other: put a double folded edge against a single folded edge.


Sew together with zig-zag through the folds. Don’t pull too hard or you may rip the paper. Put the rings around the candle holder.

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