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11605 Vouwdozen en kegels

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Cadeaus inpakken

Een cadeaudoos met een sjabloon gesneden uit karton. Gebruik een vouwbeen om de vouwen scherp te maken, wat het vouwen van de doos makkelijker maakt. Decoreer vervolgens de doos.


Cut out the design from the template and draw it onto construction cardboard. Cut out.


Cut along the intact lines and use a bone folder along the dotted lines. As an alternative to a bone folder you may use the tip of a pair of scissors or a large needle with a round tip.


Use a glue stick for gluing Vivi Gade Design paper onto one side of the butterfly.


When the glue is dry, trim the design. Turn over and glue and cut the other side using the same procedure.


Outline the edge with 3D Liner on both sides.


Fold in the base as shown. As a variation you may shorten the pattern, resulting in a lower or smaller box.

See another variant

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