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11530 Babushka ei

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Gedecoreerde plastic eieren met gezichten

Felle kleuren en het babushka thema; een hit voor Pasen.


Draw a circle with a waterproof black Edding marker pen that writes on plastic. See the pattern sheet.


Paint the egg with Plus Color. Do not paint the face and let the paint dry.


Use the end of a brush handle to make gold dots.


Pierce a hole in the other end of the egg with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a piece of bonsai-wire as a needle when you thread the mercerised embroidery yarn through the beads and the egg. Start by making a tassel, then pull on beads and bead caps in the desired order.


Finish with a bead cap and beads and thread the mercerised embroidery yarn through the egg and tie a knot.

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