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11523 Decoratieve eieren op voet

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Decoratieve eieren op voet

Omarm het voorjaar en de Pasen met een paar prachtige gedecoreerde eieren. De plastic eieren zijn geverfd met Plus Color acryl verf met vintage plaajes en op dik bonsai draad bevestigd.


Make a hole in the top of the egg and insert a flower stick. Paint with quick strokes across the length of the egg. Plus Color paint dries quickly on non-porous surfaces, and then you get the finest result. Paint twice if necessary if you want to achieve a full coverage.


Trim the vintage die-cut and cut notches in the side. Glue on with hobby glue.


Make golden dots with the end of a brush handle.


Make the feet by bending thick bonsai-wire with round nose pliers around a pencil or a similar object.  Make three identical feet for each egg.


Assemble the three legs with a thin piece of bonsai-wire. Put the egg onto the assembled legs and twist again with a new piece of thin bonsai-wire.


Turn the three ends at the top as shown.


Make a small loop on a thin piece of bonsai-wire. Thread two beads onto the wire and turn to make another loop. Attach the pendants on the top as decorations.

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