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11517 Ketting met agaat kralen en zilver

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Ketting met agaat kralen en zilver

Prachtige agaat kralen en kralen van geborsteld zilver gecombineerd met een ketting van Sterling zilver en Sterling zilver draad.


Make a double loop at the end of a piece of silver wire. Attach the pendant onto the wire which is then bent with round nose pliers.


Bend the loop slightly backwards and twist the end around the wire.


Thread a new piece of silver wire through the loop and twist to make a new loop. If you cut a long piece of wire for this step you will not waste very much of it.


Thread the beads onto the wire and attach this onto the middle of a piece of chain. Do this by making another loop.


Make two sets of chain on each side. The rest of the necklace is sterling silver chain.

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