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11453 Sheep made from Silk Clay and Wood Clay

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin


These flat sheep are very easy to make and can be used for hanging in natural twine or on a stick in a flower pot.

The sheep’s coat is made of Silk Clay. Roll a small thin sausage in Silk Clay ca. 4-5cm long. Shape it into a flat spiral. Put it in on plastic pocket. Repeat and place the spirals next to each other. Silk Clay sticks by itself. Keep adding more Silk Clay flat spirals until the sheep’s body measures approx. 5x7cm. NB: Leave a small gap between the spirals at the top, if you wish to attach a piece of string for hanging later.

Sheep’s head and legs: Form a rounded triangle in Wood Clay and press it slightly flat and attach a set of ears. Push in two black beads for eyes and put the sheep’s head onto the Silk Clay body. Roll small legs from Wood Clay and stick them up in the Silk Clay body. If you wish to attach the sheep to a stick, then push the stick into the Silk Clay body. No need to use glue. Let it dry on the plastic pocket. Attach a piece of natural twine for hanging.
Younger children can just roll small balls instead of spirals for the sheep’s wool.

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