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11442 Macramé armband

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Liefelijke, delicate armbanden voor tieners. Macramé met polyester koord en met een enkel verzilverd hart.


Pull the heart onto a piece of cord – use a beading needle if necessary.


Cut two pieces of cord each measuring 90cm and braid on either side of the heart.


Braid until the bracelet is a couple of cm short of reaching around your arm.


Fasten the cord, which is braided around, on the back.


Cut off the end and melt it with a lighter. Press it immediately into the bracelet with the pointed end of a scissors.


Arrange the 2 x 2 ends in parallel. Braid around these with a new piece of cord. Fasten the ends and melt them.


The bracelet must be able to go over your hand before tying double knots on the four ends. Melt the ends of the knots carefully.

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