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11386 Natuurlijke kettingen

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Twee kettingen gemaakt van natuurlijke materialen; su├Ęde koord, waxed katoen draad en kokosnoot kralen en een paar technieken.

Leather necklace


Fold the cord around the coconut ring and the waxed cord and tie around with an Albright knot.

Albright knot:
Fold the cord as shown and twist it round and in through the loop. Pull the cord on the right and the loop will lock.


Attach the swivel clasp and make a lacing as shown previously.


Finish with a loop and twist waxed cord around.


Assemble the rings with waxed cord. Tie them on the back.


Make a tassel in the ring. Tie again with an Albright knot. Remember the small pendant at the last twist.


This is what the fastener looks like. The ring serves as a button.

Button necklace


Cut two pieces of waxed cord each measuring 120cm. Weave in and out around the buttons as shown.


Pull the cord so that the buttons are overlapping. Change to smaller buttons up the side.


When the necklace is long enough to go over your head, then tie a double knot to secure. Tie knots in each cord end.

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