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11333 Sieradenset gemaakt van dik leer

Geschreven: 24 februari 2017 door admin


Een sieradenset gemaakt van dik leren koord met metalen links en een dun koord met lava kralen aan elkaar gevlochten.


Cut two pieces of thick leather cord, measuring the length around the neck. One must be slightly longer than the other. Glue one end into an end cap together with a long thin cord.


Thread links onto both cords – before they gluing them into an end cap. Note the thin cord must not be glued into the end cap with the other two cords!


Thread lava beads onto the thin cord. Twist the cord around the thick leather cords, alternating with a lava bead in-between. Remember to distribute the metal links in-between.


When the chain is full, cut the thin cord and glue it into the end cap.


Attach oval jump rings and a clasp.


The bracelet is made in the same way; only the two thick leather cords must be of equal length.

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