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11313 Strand ikoon gemaakt in een zinken lijst

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin


Druk kleine schelpen in zelfhardende klei. Het klei reliëf wordt gelijmd op een canvas paneel die gemonteerd is in een prachtige lijst van zink.


Roll out the clay to fit in the thickness of the frame. Cut the clay into 10 x 10cm squares, so it also fits within the size of the frame. Make another 2 smaller squares (¼ size).


The rough surface is created by pushing a rasp into the wet clay, for example.


Mark the large piece of clay into four squares by lightly pressing the edge of a ruler into it. Push various small beach shells into each square.


When the clay is completely dry (approx. 24 hours), you can glue any loose shells back on.


Glue the canvas panel onto the back of the frame.


Glue the clay relief onto the canvas panel.


Finally glue the small clay squares and the shells onto the frame.

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