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11310 Gedecoreerd dienblad

Geschreven: 21 februari 2017 door admin

Hout decoratie

Het dienblad is geverfd met Plus Color en gedecoreerd met servetten decoupage.


Cut the desired designs out of the napkin. Put them into the tray and cut it all to fit. Make sure that only the outer napkin is used – not the two white portions.


Paint the bottom of the tray white to make sure that the napkin keeps its colour when glued on. Paint the rest of the tray in your chosen colour.


Glue on the napkins with decoupage lacquer. Make sure to brush on top of the napkins so that all air bubbles disappear. After drying, varnish a couple of times. Make sure that the varnish is completely dry before adding the glass top. If you want a worn look, you can rub a little white paint over the edges of the tray with a dry sponge.

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