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Je kan een zomerjurk maken voor je bikini van twee krinkel zijde chiffon sjalen. Verf de zijde chiffon met zijde verf op waterbasis met stoomfixatie, knip de sjaal en naai aan elkaar.


Zet het frame voor zijde verven in elkaar:
Om een frame te maken zet 2 sets met 2 kanten in elkaar – elke zijde met een afmeting van 120 cm

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Bevestig elastieken aan de spanhaken en bevestig deze aan de zijden van het frame aan de bovenkant.


Bevestig de spanhaken aan het zijde. Zet het frame strak, zodat het zijde gespannen wordt.


If you brush the silk with water first, then it is easier for the colour to run without drying too quickly (and forming blotches).


When it comes to colouring two pieces of silk, it’s a good idea to count the drops of colour in the same volume of water. The colour here is very diluted. You can add more colour gradually if you wish.


Paint a flower in one corner of the wet silk with undiluted paint. You can draw soft lines towards the opposite corner.


When dry, paint the dots in the middle of the flower. Use undiluted purple paint.


You can outline the petals with water if you wish. This shifts the colour and highlights the shapes.


Wrap the silk in cotton fabric. Silk should not touch silk. Then wrap the fabric in aluminum foil, and put on a stone in a large pot with some water. Before putting on the lid on the pot, put a towel in-between to absorb condensation. Fix the silk for 1½ – 2 hours, then rinse and iron.


Cut off the three corners. See the drawing. Make straps from the off-cuts, sew together, turn and stitch. On the back, cut down approx. 10cm and sew a rolled edge: Fold over approx.   2-3mm, sew a small stitch on both edges. Pull the thread after a few stitches and the edge will roll.


Sew the sides together. Make pleats so that the circumference fits. Cut bias bindings from the off-cuts. Sew these onto the front and turn over and stitch on by hand.


At the opening on the back, sew a loop to form a fastener Glue two rhinestones together for  the button. Sew on rhinestones on the front as decoration.

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