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11291 Feestelijke uitnodiging

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin


Een gestempeld en embossed ontwerp gedecoreerd met eyelets, metalen labels, lint en strasstenen en op een parelmoer kaart geplakt. Een grappige kaart om te maken geschikt voor zowel meisjes als jongens.


Dab the stamp design with embossing glue.


Remove the lid from the embossing powder so that it’s ready beside you. Make sure to have an ordinary piece of paper underneath the object you want to emboss. Press the stamp onto your object. Make sure to press evenly so the entire design is transferred.


Sprinkle the embossing powder over the printed image immediately.


Pour plenty on, so the entire image is covered whilst the stamped print is wet.


Remove excess embossing powder from the image by tapping it gently against the table. Blow away the last bits if necessary. Alternatively, with a fine, soft brush you can remove the “errors”.


Pour the excess powder back into the tub.


TTurn on the heat gun and hold it approx. 20cm from the area you need to heat. After a few seconds, a miracle happens; the powder melts. Heat over the entire stamped area little by little. The image cools and solidifies after 15 seconds after which you can touch it.


Roughly cut out the design. Cut a piece of card measuring 9.5 x 14cm.


Fix eyelets around the dragon’s neck with an eyelet punch. One end is used to make the actual hole.


The other end is used for fixing the eyelet from the back. Punch hard a few times until the back of the eyelet is flat and attaches securely around the hole.


Hold the cut out dragon up against the black card and – keeping the cut flush – cut off where the dragon protrudes.


Put decorative ribbon through the eyelet holes and attach the dragon onto the black card with double-sided adhesive tape.


Put the black cardboard onto the card with double-sided adhesive tape. Write a text on a metal tag and tie it onto the dragon’s “collar”. Decorate with a red rhinestone eye if you wish.

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