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11283 Romantische Vivi Gade Design kaart

Geschreven: 12 januari 2017 door admin


Lieflijke, romantische kaart gemaakt met Vivi Gade Design papier van de Skagen serie. Gaten voor het lint worden gemaakt met de Fiskars Border Punch. Het gat in de kaart wordt geaccentueerd met vezelpapier.


Place the Fiskars Cutting template in the middle of the card’s front. Ensure that the Fiskars logo at the top left corner faces upwards and is readable. Remove the clear and the orange protective cover from the Shape Cutter, and adjust it to cut the card. (It should be adjusted to the left). Now cut out the window by moving the Shape Cutter along the edge of the template.


Turn over the card and attach a piece of fibre paper on the back with E-Z Runner.


Cut a piece of paper which is slightly smaller than the card and cut a hole out in the middle with the Shape Cutter. The hole should be slightly larger than the hole already made in the card. Make holes along the edge all the way around with the Border Punch.


Insert a 9mm wide ribbon and finish with a bow.


Attach the frame with the ribbon onto the card with EZ Runner.


Cut out two hearts. Attach one directly onto the fibre paper with E-Z Runner. Put the second heart onto the card with 3D pads, slightly staggered relative to the first heart.

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