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11258 Een armband met steenkralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

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Een rustieke armband met de meest prachtige groene steenkralen in perfecte harmonie met de lava kralen.


Make the first part of the bracelet. Pull stone beads, lava beads and Fashion links onto a beading wire. Finish with a bead tip and a crimp bead in each end.


Squeeze the crimp bead flat, cut off the excess wire and close the bead tip by squeezing it slightly. Do the equivalent on the other side.


Make two links from plaited leather cord with an end cap glued on to each end. The length of the cords may vary depending on the size of the beads. Measure and experiment with the lengths.


Attach the three links together with oval rings. Close with a clasp.

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