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11255 Poncho gemaakt op een Butterfly Loom

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

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Een prachtige poncho gemaakt op de Butterfly Loom. Het garen wordt om de loom gewonden en aan elkaar gemaakt met knopen. Tot slot worden alle vierkanten aan elkaar gehaakt of genaaid om een poncho te maken.

Wool requirements: 6 balls of Soft Mohair. The loom comes with a CD and a user manual.


Take 2 balls of yarn and secure the ends onto the loom. Wrap a total of 5 rounds for each square.


Sew all the yarn intersections together.


When all yarn intersections are sewn together, remove from the square from the loom. You will need 64 squares for a large size poncho.


Remove the square from the loom by opening it on the back side.


Fold the loom and remove the square.


Start by putting two squares together with the front sides facing each other and and insert a crochet hook into the first corner loops. Pull the loops from the square at the back through the loops of the square on top. Now crochet the next loop as well. Continue through the next loops – crochet all the squares together with chain stitches – made through the loops that are at the edge of the square. Secure by tying a knot. See the pattern instructions how to crochet the squares together to form the front and the back. Finally crochet the shoulder seam.


For the neck cord use 16 pieces of string each measuring 4 meters. Twist the yarn and double over. Tie the end. For the tassels wind 30 times around your finges with two pieces of string. Make two tassels. Tie the strings securely 1/3 from the top and cut through at the bottom. Tie a tassel onto each end of the cord for the neck.


Attach the cord at the neck. Follow the holes where the top woven square has been crocheted on – this is the collar.

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