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1124 Alien Love

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin

Kleine Extraterrestrials

Deze figuren zijn gevormd met kippengaas en bedekt met papier-mâché. Geverfd met A-Color Metallic verf.


Mix Dana Wallpaper Paste following th instructions and tear newpaper strips.


Form the Wire Netting into the desired figure.


Brush the Wallpaper Paste onto the newspaper strips and attach them to the figure – layer upon layer. When the entire figure is covered with a generous layer of newspaper, leave it to dry.


Paint the figure – let it dry. Paint the circles where you want the eyes to be in a contrasting colour.


With the same colour as used for the eyes put a very thin layer of paint on your finger and rub the “bumps” on the figure.


Paint the wood beads as eyes. Glue them on with a glue gun.


Paint and decorate the figure according to your imagination. Use 3D-Liner for details. Finally varnish the figure preferably several times for a deeper shine.

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