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11223 Multi ketting trio

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

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Prachtige ketting in turquoise en meloen kleuren; een simpele leren koord met een hanger, turquoise kralen op een draad en een ketting met leren koord en kralen.


Cut a leather cord to the desired length. Make an adjustable knot as shown in the photo.



Make a pendant on a drop pin. Finish by making a loop.


Put the pendant onto the leather cord with a round jump ring.


Thread beads onto a beading wire. Thread the opposite ends of the beading wire through the same crimp bead. Pull both ends in opposite directions. Squeeze the crimp bead flat.


Make a bead section on beading wire. Make a loop on each end of the beading wire and close with a crimp bead and a bead tip.


Make a section from leather cord. Cut three equally long pieces of leather cord. Glue the ends into an end cap using Super Attak instant glue.


Connect the various links with round jump rings.

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