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11198 Zwaard

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin


Zwaard om te spelen of voor toneelspel. Zacht en onschuldig. Gemaakt van slaapmat, dubbelzijdig tape en verf.


Draw the pattern for the sword onto the sleeping mat.

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Cut out the parts.


Assemble the 3 layers with double-sided adhesive tape.


Put cloth tape onto the sword’s edge.
Start with the tip and cut notches in the tape where the sword bends as illustrated.

Hint: The tape must be laid onto the sword – not pulled tight. If it is tightened, the tape will easily become unstuck releasing the joints and also the sword will get harder because the foam is squeezed together.
The tape must be put onto the sword length wise, because it looks better, you use less tape and the tape is then not easily “tightened” by accident.

When the edge is covered then put the tape onto the surfaces.

Fold the edges down at the tip.


Cut a strip to create a detail on the sword and cover it with cloth tape as shown.


Attach the strip using double-sided adhesive tape as shown.


Hide the joints with at piece of cloth tape.


Færdige sværd.

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