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11181 Zijden sieraden sjaal

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Zijde sieraden sjaal

Door het verven van kleine zijden sjalen en deze aan elkaar te binden krijgt u een ongewone en grappige sjaal. De techniek is simpel en de sjalen worden gefixeer in een pan.


Put the silk on a piece of polyester wadding and randomly brush on paint.


Dab on colour blotches with a pipette


Twist small peaks in the silk, and tie tightly around these with cotton yarn.


Also, tie knots. Remember that where the silk is covered, the colour will be preserved, but it must be tight.


Wrap and roll the scarf into a little ball and tie tightly.


Put the balls into a pot of boiling water with colour added. Use 20 ml of colour to 1 liter of water. Use less for a lighter result. Here we have used orange. Simmer for 1 hour. Then rinse off the excess colour, dry and iron the scarfs.


Tie three scarves together and plait.


Tie the plait onto a scarf, which is then tied to another scarf and so on. End with a plait.

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