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11178 Harmony kralen tas

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Kleurrijke tas gemaakt van Harmony wolkralen

Een tas gemaakt van Harmony wolkralen geregen op een macramé koord en aan elkaar genaaid. De binnenkant is gemaakt van katoenstof.


Cut a piece of the pink macramé cord to the length you want for the strap of the bag.
Then use a needle to thread the wool beads onto the macramé cord.


Make six cords, each with ten wool beads on each row.
Then sew the rows together along and across using the needle and the macramé cord, thus making the sides for the bag.

This should be done twice.

Then sew the two sides together with needle and macramé cord. Attach the shoulder strap when you have finished sewing the sides.


Cut a double piece of cotton fabric measuring 20cm x 12 cm for the inner lining.
Sew three sides together on the sewing machine.
(Zigzag along the edges of the fabric to avoid fraying).

Finally sew on the inner lining with a needle and sewing thread.

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