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11171 Oorbellen met koperen glaskralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Prachtige oorbellen

Decoreer een ornamentale hanger met champagne gouden ketting en koperen glaskralen en bevestig aan een Franse oorbelhaak.


This is how you make a small bead pendant: Put a glass bead onto a head pin and bend it slightly towards you as shown in the photo.


Twist the pin around the round nose pliers as shown in the photo.


Twist a total of three rounds and cut off the excess pin with a pair of side cutters.


Cut a single link of the chain and attach it to the small bead pendant.


Attach the small bead pendant onto a round jump ring with an ornament pendant in a French ear wire.


Twist the ear wire a quarter of a round by holding it in place with the pliers as shown on the photo whilst holding onto the ear wire with your fingers and rotate 90 degrees clockwise.


Cut three short pieces of the chain. We have four links on two of the pieces and five links on the third piece of chain.


Make three small bead pendants as described in steps 1-3.


Open up the outer link on the small chain, attach the bead pendant and close the link again.


Open up the link in the other end of the chain pendant, put it onto the ornamental pendant as shown in the photo and close the link.

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