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11167 Afrikaanse maskers op stok

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Beelden van Afrikaanse maskers

Deze prachtige sculpturen zijn gemakkelijk te maken met een masker van papier-mâché.


Paint the mask in the desired base colour using Plus Color. Now spread on a thick layer of bronze crackle lacquer with a spatula and let it dry.


When the mask is dry, decorate it with beautiful patterns. Use a plastic bottle with a tip for making dots or use the end of a paintbrush. Decorate the large wooden beads in the same way.


Cut the top off a milk carton approx. 10cm from the bottom, fill it with plaster and insert the flower stick. Use pegs or wire to stabilize the stick so that it stands straight. When it is dry, paint both the base and the stick.


Use some Plus Color to make the raffia dirty and make some tassels.
Cut a hole in the mask’s chin and forehead. Now attach the wooden beads, tassels and mask onto the stick with a glue gun.

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