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Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Ketting met metalen blad als hanger

Een super simpele en exclusieve ketting die uitstekend past bij delicate kettingen met houten kralen en design kralen.

The two necklaces with wooden beads, design beads and metal beads are attached to a 1mm thick leather cord. As the necklaces are long, they would be too heavy for an elastic beading cord, and thus there would be spaces between the beads. This is avoided by using a leather cord.

Cut a piece of leather cord measuring approx. 120cm and attach the leaf in the middle.

Make a knot as shown.

Close the necklace with an adjustable knot.

Attach end caps with Super Attak instant glue.

Bracelet with a metal leaf pendant

These lovely bracelets are made of wooden beads, fruit stone beads and design beads on an elastic beading cord.

Cut a piece of elastic beading cord measuring approx. 20cm and thread on the beads and design beads.

Attach two round jump rings to the metal leaf pendant and pull onto the elastic beading cord.

Close the bracelet with successive reef knots – preferably four or five – and tighten hard to lock the knot. Trim the excess ends.

This is how the elastic beading cords are arranged opposite each other when tying a reef knot.

Earrings with metal leaves

It cannot be simpler; a French ear wire with a lovely metal leaf.

Attach the metal leaf onto the French ear wire with a round jump ring.

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