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11119 Grappige kerstfiguren

Geschreven: 13 januari 2017 door admin


We hebben gespeeld met combinaties van kegels, ballen, Silk Clay en Plus Color acrylverf. Al deze ideeen zijn zeer simpel en eenvoudig te maken voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen. Lijm de delen aan elkaar met een lijmpistool en kies voor hangende of staande decoratie. Veel plezier.


Make a round snout and push it onto the cotton ball.
Make ears, attach, make a tail.
Make two balls and cut them to make pig’s trotters.
Silk Clay will fix on all absorbing surfaces.


Paint the dry pig with Plus Color hobby paint.


Make two balls with the white Silk Clay, push them flat and push two small black balls in as eyes.

Christmas ornaments from cotton balls and cones.

Paint two different sizes of cones in Bordeaux and use one as a cone and the other as a hat. Make hands from Silk Clay and put them on the edge of the cone and decorate with a painted mosaic heart or star. Paint a face on a cotton ball, attach some curly hair under the hat and use striped string to hang. Glue on the head using a glue gun.

Make the pixie girls using a painted cotton ball, curly hair and a painted papier-mâché cone. The “foot” is a wooden mosaic.
The teddy in the background has a painted cotton ball head and the body is made from Silk Clay. The tummy is decorated with a painted mosaic.

Elmo is a humorous moose. His antlers are made from card, cotton balls are his eyes and his muzzle is a cotton ball painted in two colours. The whole ensemble is mounted onto a papier-mâché cone painted in brown. The hanger is red and white striped string.

Christmas decorations

We have been playing with combinations of cones, balls, Silk Clay and Plus Color hobby paint. All the ideas are very simple and straightforward for both children and adults. Glue the pieces together using a glue gun and choose if the creatures should be hanging or used as table decorations. Enjoy.

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