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11097 Ketting en armband met turquoise keramiek kralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Sieradenset met turquoise keramiek kralen

Gemaakt van keramieke kralen, stoneware kralen en glas kralen op draad. Tussen de kralen zijn knopen gemaakt.

Tie the three cords together and pull a bead on one cord at a time, followed by a knot.


Make the macrame closure as follows: Place the ends overlap, and place a macrame cord under.


Tie a knot with the macrame cord.


Begin to macrame and macrame a small piece.


Trim the excess macrame cord. You can put a small amount of glue on the ends if necessary.

Necklace with turquoise ceramic beads

Tie the knots in the same way as on the bracelet and set beads between.


Finish by weaving a small piece of the three cords and tie a knot. On the opposite side set a bead on the cord and tie a knot. This now functions as a lock.


Make the tassel by cutting 6 pieces of faux suede cord up at 14 cm. Pull them through the hole on the stoneware bead, and glue a short piece of cord under the bead.

Earrings with ceramic bead

Pull the selected bead on a head pin, turn an eye and mount it on the hooked ear wire.

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