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11082 Gevlochten armband met kralen

Geschreven: 14 januari 2017 door admin

Gevlochten armband met kralen

Gevlochten armband van leer met steenkralen.

Step 1.

Cut 7 pieces of leather cord each measuring 50cm; 3 in one colour, 3 in another colour and 1 in a third colour. Tie together with a knot. Put on approx. 9 beads on one of the cords.

Step 2.

Put the 3×2 colours to either side. Push up one of the beads.

Step 3.

Secure the bead by putting cords from left to right. Pass 3 cords from the right to the left. The cords are allowed to lie side by side.

Trin 4.

Push up another bead.

Step 5.

Continue from side to side until the desired length is reached.

Step 6.

Lay the ends parallel and braid with a new piece of cord as shown. Fasten this cord on the back with glue.

Step 7.

Tie knots on all the ends and then trim.

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