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11066 Keramiek- en porselein kralen

Geschreven: 23 februari 2017 door admin

Lange ketting met keramiek kralen

A simple and trendy necklace with ceramic beads in natural colours.


Put beads on the string in the order you wish.


Tie knots in between each series of beads, alternating the thread.

The Tassel

This is how you do it

The tassel is laced over 3 fingers. Tie together at one end and secure to the cord with a Larks head knot. Exit and secure the knot with a dollop of glue.

Bracelet with ceramic beads

The bracelet is made in the same way as the chain and joined together with a macrame piece, center back.


Macrame the closure this way: Cross the ends over each other, put a macramestring under and tie a knot.


Begin to macrame and macrame a small piece.


Trim the excess Macramé Cord.


Fasten the ends with glue.

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